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Our partners

Nazmi Toker Ilkogretim Okulu is a primary  public school which is located in a city center. So, it is not located in a socio-economically disadventaged area.  We are all keen on different kinds of sport ( handball, football, volleyball...) and have  folk dance groups in different ages .Also, our students have no communication problem in English. They have been learning English  at school. We have  had different experiences in an international projects such as  World Water Monitoring Day. This is the first time for us  to participate in a  Comenius project. Therefore, we are very enthusiastic. With this project  , we aim at sensitizing to the educational communities and the administration in particular and to the citizenship of our own areas, in general, on the necessity to critically value the styles of life and models of coexisting development from rural  to urban contexts. We will work on investigating as well ways of living and development in other cultures different from European or occidental, urban and rural. We hope to design the curricular contents of a new area of knowledge. Also, our basic aim is to promote and to cooperate between the schools and the society. And, students will be more concerned of their identity and be concerned of their EU identity.

Email: nazmitokerioo@ttmail.com
Telephone: 00902462181674

John Paul the second Middle School is situated in central Poland, in a small town – Glowno. Students attending to this school come from different social environments. A large group of students from the poorest families is embraced material help – supplementary meals at the school canteen, social scholarship, free textbooks. For students with learning problems there are extra lessons in order to evade the second year in the same class. The most clever students take part in different kind competitions at school, on the terrain of administrative district, province and country. Economy of our region is based on the trading and tailor`s plants. The town neighbours from many villages deal with agriculture.
Comenius Project will bring advantages both students and teachers. Students enlarge their motivation to learn foreign languages (Italian and English), they deepen their consciousness of own regional and national distinction, but they will also perceive to the European family. Teachers will have the possibility of exchange the experiences with the teachers from the partnership schools.

Email: gimglowno@gazeta.pl
Telephone: 042 719 12 86

“L. Sinisgalli” school is in the South of Italy. It is attended by students of primary and secondary school and is situated in a small region whose economy is based on trading , farming and service industry. The students come from different social backgrounds so they have several learning styles and needs. Some  of them are disabled  and others come from extra European countries. Comenius project can be a great opportunity for the students to practice English language and to know other school systems and cultural environments , reinforcing their own awareness of living in a multiethnic society with different races, religions and laws, but respecting rights and duties of each one and working together to improve it.
Email: pzic87900x@istruzione.it
Telephone: +390971411533

The Artur Kutscher school is in the South of Germany, located in Moosach, a part of Munich. It is attended by students of secondary school (age 10-17). In our building is a primary school ( age 6-10) and a grammar school (age 10-19).The students come from different social backgrounds so they have several learning styles and needs. Because of the different family developments the Artur Kutscher Realschule is one of the few schools which offer a all day school. The pupils stay there from 8am- almost 5pm. They study and eat there, do sports or different projects in music etc...We want use the  Comenius project as a great opportunity for the students to practice English language, to know other school systems and cultural environments. In times of globalisation intercultural learning is very important issue and helps the pupils to grow up with respect and tolerance for other cultures and religions.
[DE], Germany, Partner's school: ARTUR KUTSCHER REALSCHULE, Mnchen
Email: artur-kutscher-realschule@muenchen.de
Telephone: 0049-(0)89-23383200
Holmleigh Primary School is situated in an area which is culturally diverse. Most of our intake is drawn from two large 1930’s social housing estates. The area is economically deprived, with high levels of crime, a significant proportion of which is drug-related. There are few opportunities for safe outdoor play, with busy main roads around the school. The school caters for 235 pupils aged 3-11with 40 staff. The proportion of children entering with EAL is high (68%). Of these, a high proportion (20% of school population) is Turkish speaking and enter with little or no English. The levels of oracy across the school are weak and there is low attainment in this area, which has a knock on effect for all curriculum areas..The level of special educational needs is high with 20% of children consistently on the register. The percentage of families on income support is above the national average at around 44%. There are more than 20 languages spoken in the school. Turkish is the most common community language after English. The European population is increasing significantly at present. The school has an outstanding reputation for inclusion and uses citizenship education to enhance this. The diversity within the school is a major strength and is central to our motivation within this project. We would wish to share our experience with partner schools and to learn from them.
[UK], United Kingdom, Partner's school: HOLMLEIGH PRIMARY SCHOOL, LONDON
Email: holmleigh@hotmail.co.uk
Telephone: 02088027420
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